Songs of Camp Koolaree
 Ken and Gill Dimock�s Song Book -1982
W     M     McTavish 
W     M     Michael Finnegan 
W     M     Mit Mine Hand on Mine Self 
W     M     Morning Has Come
W     M     Music Alone Shall Live (tune?)
W     M     My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean
W     M     My stomach is In a Commotion
W     M     Oh how he lied
W     M     Oh How Lovely is the Evening
W     M     Old King Cole
W     M     Old MacDonald
W     M     On top of Spaghetti
W     M     Once there were Three Wandering Jews
W     M     Pa (When Pa was a little boy like me)
W     M     Paw paw Patch
W     M     Picture a Cowboy (Blood on the Saddle) 
W     M     Pink Pajamas
W     M     Poor old Slave
W     M     Praise God
W     M     Quartermaster's Store
W    M     Rocka My Soul
W     M     Row Row Your Boat (Submarine)
W     M     She'll be Comin' Round the Mountain
W     M     Shortnin' Bread
W     M     Show Me the Way to Go Home
W     M     Skinny marink a dink
W     M     Smile Song
W     M     Spearmint 
W     M     Standin' in the need of prayer
W     M     Steal Away
W     M     Sweet Ivory Soap
W     M     Tell me Why 
W     M     The Horses Walk Around
W     M     The Keeper (Among the leaves so Green oh)
W     M     The thinnest Man 
W     M     There was a Man Walked Up and Down (1 meatball)   
W     M     There's a Hole in my Bucket Dear Liza
W     M     There's a hole in the bottom of the Sea
W     M     They say that out at Koolaree
W     M     Threw it out the window
W     M     To Ope Their Trunks
W     M     Under the Spreading Chestnut 
W     M     Vrenelli (Yo Ho Ho Tra la la)
W     M     Walking at Night (Stodoli Pumpa)
W     M     Waltzing Matilda
W     M     We're Marching, we're Marching )
W     M     Weggis Song (Hol di ri dia)
W     M     While the organ peeled
W     M     White Coral Bells
W     M     Who Did
W     M     Worms (Nobody Loves Me)
W     M     You are my Sunshine/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/McTavish/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/%60McTavish.mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/Michael%20Finnegan/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/%60Michael%20Finnegan.mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/Mit%20Mine%20Hand%20on%20Mine%20Self/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/Mit%20Mine%20Hand%20on%20Mineself.mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/Graces/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/'Graces/Morning%20has%20come.mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/Music%20Alone%20Shall%20Live/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/Music%20Alone%20Shall%20Live.mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/My%20Bonnie%20Lies%20Over%20the%20Ocean/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/My%20Bonnie%20Lies%20Over%20the%20Ocean.mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/My%20Stomach%20is%20in%20a%20Commotion/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/%60My%20Stomach%20is%20in%20a%20Commotion.mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/Oh%20how%20he%20lied/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/%60Oh%20How%20He%20Lied.aiff/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/Oh%20How%20Lovely/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/Oh%20How%20Lovely%20is%20the%20Evening.mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/Old%20King%20Cole/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/%60Old%20King%20Cole.mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/Old%20MacDonald/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/%60Old%20Macdonald.mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/On%20top%20of%20Spaghetti/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/%60On%20top%20of%20Spaghetti.mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/Once%20There%20Were%20Three%20Wandering%20Jews/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/Once%20There%20Were%20Three%20Wandring%20Jews.mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/Pa%20(When%20Pa%20was%20a%20little%20Boy%20Like%20Me)/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/%60Pa%20(When%20Pa%20was%20a%20Little%20Boy.mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/Paw%20Paw%20Patch/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/%60Paw%20Paw%20Patch.mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/Picture%20a%20Cowboy/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/%60Picture%20a%20Cowboy.mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/Pink%20Pajamas/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/%60Pink%20Pajamas.mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/Poor%20Old%20Slave/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/%60Poor%20Old%20Slave.mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/Graces/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/%60Graces/Praise%20God%20(hernando).mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/Quartermaster's%20Store/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/%60Quartermaster's%20Store.mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/Rock%20'a%20My%20Soul/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/Rocka%20My%20Soul.mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/Row%20Row%20Row%20Your%20Boat/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/%60Row%20Row%20Row%20Your%20Boat.mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/She'll%20Be%20Comin'%20Round%20the%20Mountain/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/She'll%20be%20Comin'%20Round%20the%20Mountain.mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/Shortnin'%20Bread/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/Shortnin'%20Bread.mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/Show%20Me%20the%20Way%20to%20Go%20Home/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/Show%20Me%20the%20way%20to%20Go%20Home.mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/Skinny%20Marink/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/%60Skinny%20Marink.mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/Smile%20Song/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/%60Smile%20Song.mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/Spearmint/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/%60Spearmint.mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/Smile%20Song/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/Standin'%20in%20the%20Need%20of%20Prayer.mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/Steal%20Away/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/Steal%20Away.mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/Sweet%20Ivory%20Soap/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/%60Sweet%20Ivory%20Soap.mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/Tell%20Me%20Why/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/Tell%20me%20Why.mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/The%20Horses%20Walk%20Around/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/%60The%20Horses%20Walk%20Around.mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/The%20Keeper/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/The%20Keepe%20(Among%20the%20leaves).mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/Thinnest%20Man/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/%60Thinnest%20Man%20I%20Ever%20Knew.mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/There%20Was%20a%20Man/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/%60There%20Was%20a%20Man%20(One%20meatball).mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/There's%20a%20Hole%20in%20my%20Bucket/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/%60There's%20a%20Hole%20in%20my%20Bucket.mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/There's%20a%20Hole%20in%20the%20bottom%20of%20the%20sea.pdf/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/There's%20a%20Hole%20in%20the%20Bottom%20of%20the%20Sea.mp3/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/%60They%20say%20that%20out%20at%20Koolaree..mp3/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/%60They%20say%20that%20out%20at%20Koolaree..mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/Throw%20it%20Out%20the%20Window/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/%60Threw%20it%20Out%20the%20Window.mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/To%20Ope%20Their%20Trunks/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/To%20Ope%20Their%20Trunks.mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/Under%20the%20Spreading%20Chestnut%20Tree/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/Under%20the%20Spreading%20Chestnut%20Tree.mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/Vrenelli/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/Vrenelli.mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/Walking%20at%20Night/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/Walking%20at%20Night%20(Stodoli%20Pompa).mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/Waltzing%20Matilda/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/Waltzing%20Matilda.mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/We're%20Marching,%20We're%20Marching/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/%60We're%20Marching.mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/Weggis%20Song/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/Weggis%20Song%20(Ho%20di%20ri%20diya).mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/White%20Coral%20Bells/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/%60While%20the%20Organ%20Peeled%20Potatoes.mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/White%20Coral%20Bells/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/White%20Coral%20Bells.mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/Who%20Did/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/Who%20Did.mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/Worms/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/%60Worms.mp3/campsongs/Koolareepdfs/You%20are%20My%20Sunshine/campsongs/Koolareemp3s/you%20are%20my%20sunshine.mp3

W M Abide with Me

W M Above a Plain

W M Ach von der Musica

W M After the Ball

W M All you Etta

W M Animal Fair

W M Bamboo Tree

W M Be Present at Our Table Lord

W M Boom Boom Ain't it Great to Be Crazy

W M Busy Buzzing Bumble Bee (words)

W M Canoe Song

W M Chewing Gum

W M Clementine

W M Copenhagen

W M Damper Song

W M Darkie Sunday School

W M Day is done (Taps)

W M Day is Dying in the West

W M Deacon Went Down

W M Do Your Ears Hang Low

W M Donkey Riding

W M Down at the Station

W M Down by the Old Mill Stream

W M Ezekiel Saw a Wheel

W M Fire's Burning

W M For Health and Strength

W M Found a Peanut

W M Goity Moiphy

W M Green Grass Grew All Around

W M Green Grow the Rushes Oh

W M Hallelu, Hallelu, Hallelu, Hallelujah

W M Hark Hear the Bells

W M Hey Ho Nobody Home

W M Home on the Range

W M I am the Music Man

W M I Got the Joy Joy Down in My Heart

W M If You're Happy

W M Inky Dinky (Itsy Bitsy) Spider

W M It Ain't Gonna Rain No More

W M Jacob's Ladder

W M John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

W M Johnny Appleseed

W M Johnny Verbeck

W M Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho

W M Keep on the Sunny Side of life

W M Kookoobura

W M Koolaree

W M Kumbaya

W M Land of the Silver Birch

W M Little Tommy Tinker

W M Little Willie

W M Long Green Worm

W M Man's Life's a Vapour

A = Light and Lively B: - Sing and Repeat C = Action Songs D = Rounds E = Spirituals and Hymns F = Quiet Time and Old Favourites G = Graces & Closing Songs

Webmaster's thoughts: Camp Songs are a good reflection of the times they were introduced to the campfire. E.g. ‘One Tin Soldier’ & ‘500 Miles’ from the 60‘s folk and protest era; ‘Copenhagen’ - wartime. Many were introduced after the hit songs (e.g. ‘The Happy Wander’ ‘53 & ‘This Old Man’ ‘58). Disneyland gave us ‘It‘s a Small World After All’ and many songs from Broadway Musicals: The Sound of Music alone accounts for 3 on this list: ‘Edelweiss’, ‘Climb Every Mountain’ and ‘Do Re Mi’. Songs can also be categorized as Parodies e.g. ‘All you Etta’ and ‘While the Organ Pealed Potatoes’; Nonsense Songs: ‘Skinny Marink’ & ‘Ging Gang Goolie’; Crazy Songs: ‘Boom Boom, Ain‘t it Great to be Crazy’ & ‘Nuthouse’; Tongue twisters: ‘Do Your Ears Hang Low’ & ‘Busy Buzzing Bumble Bee’. Categories which were quite innocently considered fun 50 years ago are now less popular: e.g. Making light of ethnic groups: ‘Mit Mine Hand on Mine Self’ and ‘Darkie Sunday School’ & speech impediments: ‘My n n n n Name is little Willlie’ .


E 23rd Psalm (Happy Wanderer)

B A Little Man Walked Up and Down (one meatball)

G Abide with Me (Boy's closing)

F Above a Plain (A Huya, Huya, Huya ya)

C Ach von der Musica (tune?)

A Advertise

A After the Ball

B All you etta

E Amazing Grace

E Amen

F Angel's Watchin' over me

A Animal Fair (tune?)

A Bambo Tree

F Barges

E Battle Hymn of the Republic

E Battle of Jericho

G Be present (Gilette commercial)

A Boom boom ain't it great to be Crazy

F Born Free

F Bring me a Rose (?)

C Bumble Bee

A Busy Buzzing Bumble Bee )

F By the Blazing Campfire's Light (Till we meet again)

A By the Light of the Moon

A Cannibal King

D Canoe Song

A Cheer Boys Cheer (Hot time)

A Chewing Gum

A Chinaman's song (?)

F Clementine

F Climb every Mountain

C Copenhagen (The more we get together)

F Cowboy Lullaby

A Darkie Sunday School

G Day is done (Taps)

F Day is Dying in the West

C Deep and Wide

A Dem Bones (not the original)

A Desperado

F Do Re Mi

C Do Your Ears Hang Low

F Donkey Riding

A Down by the Old Mill Stream

A Down by the Station

F Edelweiss

E Ezekiel Saw a Wheel

C Father Abraham

A Father's Whiskers

C Fire's Burning

D Fire's Burning (again?)

A Fisherman's Song

F Five Hundred Miles

G For health and Strength

A Found a Peanut

F Four Strong Winds

D French Cathedrals (?)

E Go Tell it on the Mountain

A Good Morning (Girls before breakfast)

F Grandfather's Clock

F Green Grow the Rushes Ho

G Hallelujah

C Ham and Eggs

G Hark hear the bells (Big Ben)

E He's Got World in his Hands

C Head, shoulders knees and Toes (Tavern in the town)

D Hey Ho Nobody Home

F Home on the Range

D Hungarian Round

A I am slowly going Crazy

C I am the Music Man

E I Got Shoes

E I Got the Joy Joy Down in My Heart

D I Love the Mountains (?)

A I took the legs from the old Piano

A I Wish I were a little Sugar

F I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing

A I'm a Little Teapot (Sock it to me Baby)

A I'm a Rock Cake

B I'm going to leave old Texas Now.

E If I Had a Hammer

C If You're Happy

C In a Cottage in a wood (tune?)

C Inky Dinky Spider

A It Ain't Gonna Rain No More

F It's a Long Way to Freedom

F It's a Small World

E Jacob's Ladder

C John Brown's Baby

C John Brown's Flivver

A John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

G Johnny Appleseed

A Johnny made a Squish Pie (The more we get together)

A Johnny Verbeck (s1 m d)

F Joy is Like the Rain

E Just a Closer Walk with Thee

A Keep on the Sunny Side of life (S1 S1 d, l1 l1 l1 rrr)

A Kimo Kimo

A Kookoobura

G Koolaree

E Kumbaya

F Land of the Silver Bircch

F Let it Be

A Linger

C Little Peter Rabbit

C Little Tommy Tinker (tune?)

A Long Green Worm

F Lord of the Dance

A Lukey's Boat

A Mairzie Doats (tune?)

D Man's Life's a Vapour (tune?)

F Marianini

F May Aunt Grete (?)

A McTavish

A Michael Finnegan

E Michael Row the Boat Ashore

C Mit Mine Hand on Mine Self

G Morning is here (Big Ben)

A Mosquito (Polly Wolly Doodle)

A Mules (Auld Lang Syne)

D Music Alone Shall Live (tune?)

C My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean

A My Name is Goity Moiphy

A My nnn name is Little Willie

A My stomach

A Never let your Braces Dangle

B Never tie a love knot in a Paratroopers Chute

A No Hiding place

A Nuthouse

C O Chester

B O The Deacon Went Down

B Oh how he lied

D Oh How Lovely is the Evening

A Old King Cole

A Old Mother Hubbard (Threw it out the window)

A On top of Spaghetti

B Once there were Three Wandering Jews

C One Finger one Thumb

F One More River

F One Tin Soldier

G Our Father, Our Father (Frere Jacques)

A Over Hill over Dale

E Peace of the River (?)

A Picture a Cowboy (Blood on the Saddle)

A Pink Pajamas

A Poor old Slave

G Praise God (Hernando's Hideaway)

A Prunes

F Puff the Magic Dragon

E Put Your Hand in the Hand of the Man

A Quartermaster's Store

B Ravioli (Allouette)

A Rheumatism

E Rocka My Soul

D Rose

A Row Row Your Boat (Submarine)

A Sandwich Song (Battle Hymn)

C She'll be Comin' Round the Mountain

F Shortnin' Bread

F Show Me the Way to Go Home

C Silly Willie

A Skinny marink a dink

F Skye Boat Song

A Smile (battle hymn - it isn't any trouble)

A Snowball

F Something to Sing About

A Spearmint

E Standin' in the need of prayer

E Steal Away

A Suffocation (Frere Jacques)

A Sweet Ivory Soap

C Swimming Swimming

D Tall trees

F Tell me Why (tune?)

G Thankyou Lord (Edelweiss)

B The Bear Song

C The Damper Song

F The Far Northland

F The Happy Wanderer

A The horses walk around

F The Keeper (Among the leaves so Green oh)

A The Old Gray Mare

C The Queen's Navy

A The thinnest Man (s1 d)

F The Wedding Banquet

B There once was a hole (Green grass grew all around)

A There was a bee

C There were three Crows

A There's a Hole in my Bucket Dear Liza

B There's a hole in the bottom of the Sea

F They All Call it Canada

A They say that out at Koolaree

F This Land is Your Land

B This little Light of Mine

F This Old Man

A Three Shortsighted Rodents (Three blind Mice)

D To Ope Their Trunks

F Today

A Tongo (Chant)

G Trees

C Under the Spreading Chestnut (tune?)

F Vrenelli (Yo Ho Ho Tra la la)

C Waddlee Atcha

F Walking at Night (Stodoli Pumpa)

F Waltzing Matilda

A Way down yonder in the Paw paw Patch

E We Are One in the Spirit (By Our Love)

A We're All Together Again

A We're Marching, we're Marching (ssm mmd)

F Weggis Song (Hol di ri dia)

B What did they say (Drunken Sailor)

F What's that to me

A When one Red Rooster ran up the road

A When Pa was a little boy like me (Pa)

F Where Have the Flowers Gone

A While the organ peeled

F Whistle While you Work

D White Coral Bells

E Who Did

A William Goat (Mary Had)

G Witchcraft (Girl's closing)

A Worms (Nobody Loves Me)

A Yawning in the Morning (Roamin' in the gloamin')

A You are my Sunshine

E You Can Dig My Grave