Navigating the Site

Clicking on What’s New, Genealogy, Families or Places in the menu banner gives you several starting points:  (note some submenus to the right of each).

  • WELCOME includes: “Navigating” (this page), and “What’s New” highlights recent events or notice of new research about the Wests.
  • GENEALOGY is a massive chart of the Wests going back as far as 1499.  Click the logo once to expand and once again to highlight the area you wish to explore, from the maternal ancestors on the left side to the paternal ancestors in the middle and sibling families on the right.
    • EARLIER ENGLAND ANCESTORS gives us a look into the lives of previous generations of West families starting with James West and his forebears at Blewbury Mill.  Always click on highlighted words or phrases for additional documents, photos and sound recordings.
    • WILLIAM WESTELL AND SARAH’S FAMILY  tells us about Grampa’s mom, dad, brothers and sisters at Venn Mill.
    • GRAMPA AND GRAMMA EMIGRATE TO CANADA tells the fascinating story of their family emigration from Venn Mill through homesteading in Alberta, life in Edmonton, while Grampa was at the war,  Grampa’s service in France during the first war and the family’s final settlement in Vancouver
    • THE VANCOUVER WESTS covers the children of John West and Emma Long with a page on the family of each.
    • ENGLAND RELATIVES OF TODAY – throughout the 20th century, Vancouver Wests have visited England and the various cousins and descendants who still live there.  This section provides information on these relatives, including in a submenu, photos and writings from the most recent trip of October, 2013.
  • PLACES is virtual tour of the dwelling places of our ancestors with many highlighted text links to photos and amplifying material.
  • IN MEMORIAM – to those family members who we have lost in recent years. Also a dedication to Mary Irish without whose enthusiasm, this website would not exist.