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Welcome to the Vancouver West family website – here is a brief introduction to  the main components.    Bruce More, webmaster:  [email protected]

These sections give available details and anecdotes which amplify some of the data in the genealogy. The Vancouver Wests covers Grampa John and Gramma Emma and their family and descendants. Berkshire Family Roots deals with our England forebears with the exception of The Long (Gramma Emma’s) Family which has its own section. The information comes largely from family verbal tradition as told most recently by  Grampa’s siblings: Ruth, Elsie, and Percy West but mostly through Mary Irish, from her own substantial memory.   (See Mary Irish’s page and the transcribed tapes of her voice.). Other details have come from tapes which Mary has made of Percy’s voice, through many conversations with a number of living cousins and residents of Berkshire (see appendix) and while they were alive, from the B.C. aunties: Edna, Evelyn, Marjorie and Ruth.  In addition, there is documentary evidence which I have gathered sporadically during my visits to the Berkshire “mill country”  in 1969, 1970, 1981, 1983, 1987, 1993, 1997, 2005, 2010, 2012 and 2015.  Primary sources have been Parish records in Oxford and Reading, tombstones in churchyards and cemeteries of the district and interviews of local historians (Steventon, Grove and Blewbury). I have used footnotes to mark the direct quotations from the following publications. 1. This Venerable Village (Blewbury) – Peter Northeast and Roy East; 2. A Short History of Hanney – Diana R. Bowder;  3. The Victoria History of the County of Berkshire; and 4. The Wantage Families of Aldworth and Wellavise – Gordon Hope (unpublished). The Oxfordshire Library’s Centre for Oxfordshire Studies (COS) in Oxford and the Berkshire County Records Office (BCR) in Shire Hall, Reading, are wonderful resources for various records & microfilms.  Microfiches of the International Geneological Index of the Mormon Church, and the national censuses of 1841/51/61/71/81/and /91 have also been major sources. Most of the anecdotes are from interviews of my aunts and (great) Uncle Percy and of course the many memories of Mary Irish. My presentation in this website is intended to be reader-friendly rather than an “official document”, therefore not all of the available documents are included.

These pages focus on the places where our ancestors lived and worked.  It takes the form of a tour guide and follows a  sometimes chronological path from Blewbury to Venn Mill – a tour which I have had the great pleasure of taking a dozen of my family on in 2012 and 2015. Well into the 16th century, land was  owned primarily by the nobility.  Increasingly after that time, more successful “commoners”  leased the more elaborate farms and manors from the owners, who were often absentee landowners, usually the church,  nobility or Oxford Colleges.   Venn Mill, for example, was owned by Lord Wantage, and Prior’s Court in West Hanney by New College, Oxford.   William Long in Garford was probably such a lessee, or tenant.  Equally likely, the many millers in the family were often employees of the “tenants” of the manor of which each mill was a part.   This tradition changed in the late nineteenth and early 20th centuries as leases were sold off.  For example, Henry Prior bought the lease for the Old Mill at Blewbury in 1921 when the Wantage Estate, which owned the Blewbury Manor, was split up.

Family trees which cover primarily direct ancestors and descendants of John & Emma West (Grampa and Gramma), paternal & maternal, and also include available information on the families of brothers and sisters of direct ancestors.    My goal was to research vertically rather than horizontally. I have not listed descendants more recent than the “cousins” (i.e. the grandchildren of John Aldworth West and Emma Long) although the cousin’s families are listed on individual pages under generations/Vancouver Wests. In the main chart, by the use of colour coding, the information makes regular reference to the specific generation of individuals as positioned on the family tree chart.  e.g. John Aldworth West is on the paternal chart in the 5th generation (coloured green).  I have not included birth dates of any living relatives, for reasons of individual privacy.   Where known, dates are given only for deceased family members.  Feel free to contact me directly for current dates.


The process of researching the West Family tree has been time consuming but highly rewarding.  In many ways, I have just touched the surface. Some Parish records from the West’s geographical area (which was Berkshire before 1974 and is now Oxfordshire) are available, transcribed and indexed, but an equal number are in progress. This means countless hours of reading original manuscripts or microfilms, some of which are virtually unreadable.  Some day these records will all be available in transcribed and indexed form so that all of the unfinished searches can be done in a few days. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), none of our family have become Mormons, and therefore there is limited evidence of our branches of Wests, Longs, Aldworths, Westells, Whitings etc. in the International Genealogical Index put out by that church.

The following have supplied data also through their own family research: 

BC cousins: Linda Currie, Ruth Tuttle, Rich West, John West,  Ann Tasker, Donna & Jim Crook, shapeimage_1Danae McKay, Joan West.

England cousins: Colin Smith, Ruth Pocock, Elisabeth Atkin, Helen Barker, Christine Frances, Becky Harris, Sally Clarke, James Prowting, Beth Sutherland and Helen Claus (in Holland).

There is still much to be gleaned from letters and other documents which you may have hidden away in a cupboard somewhere, and I urge you to make them known.  I started my research with the basic assumption that the family had left England and had very little contact with the relatives there over the years.  Reading my mom’s letters and talking to the aunts, I realized that there was in fact much letter writing in addition to actual visits; Grandma in 1924, Phil in 1927, Grandpa & Grandma in 1937, Edna and Betty in 1951, my Mom and Dad in 1960, Marjorie & Harold in 1963, and many since.  Every Christmas, greetings were sent and gifts were exchanged with both the West and the Long branches. (Our family fondly remembers receiving a yearly Christmas gift of a large tin of Peak Freans cookies from one of our England relatives).

Needless to say, the search process has been a labour of love for me, and I highly recommend continuation of the search for answers to many unanswered questions regarding our English family to anyone who has the time, resources and inclination.  My data is always available to any member of the family who might want to continue.  Quite apart from the traditional county records searches are the questions which have arisen from family verbal history.  In 1994, Jack Ireson told me that his mother (Alice née Long) had instructed him to never mention the shooting at Venn Mill when talking to a West.  He had no more details than that.  For years this left me completely puzzled, especially since none of the Vancouver relatives were aware of it.  Finally a letter from Mary Irish explained what was apparently a tragic family feud between WWW and his brother Daniel (see The Fourth Generation – Daniel).  Jack Ireson had another story which told of a feud between two West millers on Letcombe Brook, in which one held back water, interrupting the working of the Mill downstream and resulting in flooding in the area.   Since Venn Mill (WWW) is downstream from Lower Hanney Mill (Daniel), this story gains credibility. There is also much insight to be gained by research into the Strict (or Particular) Baptists which bonded such a large number of the family from Daniel (b. 1813) down through our own generation in the Grove area. A book entitled The Seceders (available from most members of the church, but otherwise not to be found in local libraries) has been recommended by several of these parishioners as good background to the evolution of this sect.

I find our roots absolutely fascinating, particularly because I can find no connections with nobility (with exception of the Aldworth’s distant relation to Irish royalty).  Although a few of the branches of the family were prosperous tradesmen and farmers, most were commoners. I was interested to note a number of “illegitimate” children who were baptized (some in our family, including Benjamin, son of Martha, who was Daniel’s b.1813 sister, Henry Prior, etc.).  I was quite moved by the number of “X” markings in the marriage registers, in lieu of a signature.  If such registers are an indication of the general state of literacy in England at the end of the 18th century, then close to 80% were illiterate. Of course, then came William Westell West and his family, and all that changed. From a heritage standpoint, the children of John and Emma have in the last decade of the 20th century given us our own kind of great wealth, which is knowing each other.  Even before the “Kissin’ Kuzzins” annual picnic, I got to know my cousins and aunts and uncles through summer get-togethers at Grantham’s Landing (Edna &Betty), Gibsons (Ruth, Wes & Grandpa), Boundary Bay (Harold & Marjorie), Beach Grove (Fred & Nora), Kelowna (Jack & Margaret) and during my Yale days, visits to Willowdale (Ken & Irene).  I cherish the memories of the wonderful Christmas dinners (groaners!!) at Taylor Way, 52nd Ave., S.W. Marine Drive and when we hosted those dinners at our home on 12th avenue in East Burnaby, particularly the happy hours around the piano.  “Memories are made of this”….


A most wonderful part of my visits to England was meeting the fine people of Berkshire & Oxfordshire, both relatives and non-relatives. Many thanks to all of them for their hospitality, interest and of course, their memories.  The best part of my research was coming home (in ’93) and visiting with my aunts and getting to know them again after too many years of banishment in Victoria. As always, they were wonderful!  Love and many thanks!

The following are my “sources” in England (add 01235 unless otherwise noted):

  • Arthur Bayliss, town historian in Steventon  831444
  • Eleanor Bryant, (deceased) Stowford, Wingfield, Trowbridge, Wiltshire (contact Phil Bryant at 01225 752253)
  • Gordon and Joyce Entwhistle, current owners of Hine’s Mill – Grove 763988
  • Philip Hope, grandson of Joseph Aldworth (m4),   Reading  01734 875738.
  • Gordon Hope  nephew of Philip – “Cleobury”, South Hill, Droxford, Hampshire
  • Jack and Enid Ireson (m6), 33 Wessex Road, Didcot   0X11 85X   813947
  • Keith (deceased) and Audrey Long (m6), Byrecroft, Faulkland, Bath, BA35U2 01373-834225
  • Mary Irish, (deceased)
  • Susan Marsden (Prowting)  daughter of Joyce & Wilbur 24 Glen Way, Watford, Middlesex  01923-225197
  • Jim Prowting , son of Joyce & Wilbur, 01923-236887
  • Joyce & Wilbur Prowting (deceased)
  • David Rogers (deceased)   – former owner of Old Blewbury Mill
  • Billy and Joan Smith,  great grandson of William Aldworth (deceased)
  • Herbert and Doris Smith,  great grandson of William Aldworth (deceased)
  • Alan Stoyel, former owner of Venn Mill   01367-718888
  • Mr. Tugwell,  Deacon, Grove Strict Baptist Chapel  765602
  • Muriel West & sons Joe & Peter, descendant of Daniel West 768015  Garland Farm, West Challow  0X129PB
  • Ruth Pocock – Great great grand-daughter of William Aldworth and Niece of Percy & Miriam West
  • Colin Smith – Great great grand-son of William Aldworth
  • Helen Barker  – Great great grand-daughter of William Aldworth
  • Dan and Mary Pepler, Garrards Lodge, High Street, Uffington Oxon SN7 7RP, UK

The following are my Sources in Canada (exclusive of my Aunts, Uncles and Cousins)

  • Namao – Grant Nicol, Colleen C.
  • Edmonton – 49th Battalion Museum ([email protected])
  • Edmonton – Ross Flats Presbyterian: Ian Scott, Ken Munro
  • Earlie area: Cathy Laycock, Cheryl Davidson, Doug Adams, Charlene Teasdale
  • Lloydminster Archives – Sarah Parminter & Corine Price


New Photo pages:

Super 8 family movies from Christmas dinners at Bill & Elsie’s in East Burnaby in the ’50s.

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