England relatives of today

the platter
Roger and Jordan Barker from Elm Farm, Wantage present a willow pattern platter to the Vancouver Wests via Art.

Starting in 1969, I visited with many of our England relatives including Mary Irish (Birmingham); Uncle Percy (Grove); Joyce and Bill Prowting (Harrow – later, Susan and James); Eleanor, Phil and Jack Bryant, (Stowford, Trowbridge – later,  Son Phil);  Audrey and Keith Long (Falkland, Bath); Jack and Enid Ireson (Didcot); Billy & Joan Smith (Grove); Herbert & Doris Smith (Wantage); Brenda West (Garlands Farm) and recently, through the cousins trips to England in 2012 and 2015, several of us have had the pleasure of meeting the Garland Farm Wests: Muriel, Susan, Elisabeth, Rosemary, Peter and Joe; the Bridge Farm Smiths, Richard, Roger, Helen and Colin;  the Didcot Iresons: Mike and Ela, Long descendants Christine Jordan and  Rebecca Harris,  and many others at the Bridge farm family picnic and lunchtime pub gatherings in October of 2012.  I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting and corresponding with several family genealogy “freaks”:  Helen Willemsen (Holland), Rebecca Harris, Helen Barker, Jackie Cooper and Timothy Barker (Crowter family).

Cousins visits documents & Photos
  1. West meets West trip 2012 – Information and travel guide
  2.  – Itinerary & photos from the trip
  3. Invitation to second England trip 2015
  4. Second England Tour guide – Oct. 2015
Other Photos of England Relatives of today:

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