Invitation: second visit to Oxfordshire


Hi Kuzzins,

I am planning another kuzzin’s trip to the West’s ancestral lands in Berkshire / Oxfordshire in the first week of October, 2015.  I would be delighted to include any of you (or your children or grandchildren) in this visit.  Please draw this message to the attention of any of your family who you think might be interested.

As in 2012, the visit would include:

  • – 2-3 days visiting the mills which our ancestors ran, as well as gravesites and churches
  • – Visits with our Oxfordshire cousins: Smiths, Wests, Pococks, Iresons etc.
  • – Attendance at the Smith’s annual family reunion in early October

Ideally, you would want to combine these few days with other travels in Europe, which would be of your own planning and expense, including airfares to and from England.  You can get the flavour of our last visit by looking at the web-pages:

Even if you’re only vaguely interested at this point, please let me know by as soon as possible first so I can begin general planning.

Best wishes,

“Kuzzin” Bruce  More

[email protected]