Research Papers

    1. Sight singing and ear training at the university level  – an historical discussion of, and rationale for, use of Tonic Sol-Fa (movable do) in university level musicianship training – Choral Journal, March, 1985
    2. Syllable Systems, Kodaly’s Choices – historical mnemonic syllable systems used in musical training – Kodaly Envoy, Fall, 1985.
    3. Fixed-do vs. movable-do – a discussion in the form of a critique of W. Multer’s “Solmization and Musical Perception”.
    4. Do vs. La minor – a discussion of  2 variations of movable do.  Traditional tonic sol-fa uses the syllable “la” as the tonic of a minor scale.  The use of “do” as the tonic of a minor scale is in wide use in the eastern US and Canada and parts of Germany.  A discussion and evaluation follows in this article.
    5. A Choral Conductor’s Guide to the Music Library – an annotated bibliography of choral-related books to 1995.
    6. Popular a cappella vocal groups – a short history