Frances & Scotty

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  • Frances Belfrey More (Brown) 1904 – 1985
  • Scotty Brown  1904 – 1960

Frances lived with her mom in Salmon Arm until the early 1930s.  Donna remembers staying in a basement suite in Vancouver (2275 W. 22nd) with Frances and Effie, probably in 1941, since Effie died that year.   In the late 40s she met and married Scotty Brown, a second war veteran and they had a farm in Langley Prairie until Scotty died. We bought beef from them and Donna remembers that Frances named two of her pigs: Reta (after her niece) and Donna.   Frances then went to normal school to get her teacher certification and taught during the 60s in Blubber Bay on Texada Island.  We remember several Christmas dinners which involved her, once with Scotty.  She retired at some point during the 1970s to a house near Trout Lake, Vancouver and then to a care-home on Grandview highway.


A Memory from Art More of a conversation with Scotty:

Today I honour my Uncle Scottie Brown. Orphaned as an infant, he came to Canada from Scotland on an orphan ship. Volunteered for service for his adopted country. Landed in Normandy on D-Day. He must have been in one of the early waves of landing barges because I remember him telling me how completely terrified he was when the front of the barge opened and he watched some of his buddies cut down before they even hit the water. He had to follow them into the water under intense machine gun fire and wade to the beach. At this point he could tell me no more, it was just too difficult. But another day he told me he fought the land war through to Germany and to the eventual surrender of the Nazis. He survived to come home, a totally broken man, shell shock they called it. Somehow he survived another 20 years as a marginal farmer.
My deepest thanks, Uncle Scottie, for what you sacrificed for all of us. I shall always remember you.
On November 11 at 11 am we will stand at the end of our driveway beneath our Canadian flag for 2 minutes of silence in your memory, and in memory of all the others who gave so much.