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See also Family Names in Genealogy

Both Mores & Wilcoxes can be traced back more than a thousand years, thanks to the “magic” of public internet family trees, In the case of the Mores: through Scottish, Viking, (Danish, Norwegian, Swedish) kings and earlier Syria and Egypt.  The Wilcoxes go back through middle English, Spanish and French Royalty. 

 It should be noted that before 1066, the likelihood of finding genealogical records are almost nil unless ancestors were nobility. Logically then, if one finds any records of ancestors during the first millenium, they will in all likelihood be nobility. We have 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great-grandparents and so on.  How many “parents” might we identify, going back 500 years?  Click here for the result.

  1. More / Wilcox family tree – (image to the right – start at the bottom )  The Wilcox line goes through Absalom Wilcox.  Family oral history  tells a story of Absalom Wilcox and William Lyon MacKenzie) . There is an exhaustive amount of information on this Wilcox family at this site.
  2. Belfry / Sherman Family Tree   (This is a large exhaustive document which must be expanded greatly to read.  Start with Sarah Jane Belfry 1842-1913 in the large red frame). I have a copy to the Sherman Genealogy book, but haven’t been able to find a connection with Joanna Sherman (Jacob Belfry’s wife).
  3. Art’s genealogy chart (More, Wilcox, Monkman, Parks, Scales, Sherman etc.)

Art More’s research (from 1980)

Art and I started to do family research at roughly the same time, me on the Wests (mom’s family) and Art on the Mores and Wilcoxes.  Although I constantly use Art’s research on these pages, I don’t presume to summarize his writings, and have included some of them on these links.

  1. Introduction to Art’s family booklet (1980)
  2. Map of properties owned by Mores & Wilcoxes in Nottawasaga County