La Cafamore

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Are you frantically looking for something to do on a Thursday evening?  Well fret no more,  get those lederhosen on and come listen to classical music by


When: Thursday May 18, 7:30 p.m.     Where: Trail united Church.     How:  Tickets are available at Bear Country Kitchen and Charles Bailey Theatre.

La Cafamore is in its eighth season of performing chamber works in the Kootenays. The trio consists of violinist Angela Snyder, violist Alexis More and pianist Carolyn Cameron, who will perform classical music which has made it to the silver screen.

“We try to find a theme for each concert,” says Cameron. “Something that ties the works together. In this case it is the fact that each of these pieces has been featured in a movie soundtrack.”

Every piece?

“Not exactly,” says Cameron, “which is why we had to add the caveat that the Internet lies.”