During the first five years, Prima was associated with Viva Choirs as part of the Victoria Youth Choirs Society, providing non-artistic support and an ongoing conduit for singers.  Over the years, it became apparent that Prima’s singers were drawn mainly from the UVic student body, and since the School of Music already provided rehearsal space, it could also provide a university account.  In 1999, Prima became a non-credit ensemble of the School of Music and thereafter moved under the umbrella of UVic administration.  For funding raising, touring and room scheduling, this was a more efficient arrangement.

Choir Managers

Sue Gill (photo), Linda Angus, Linda Hogg, Margaret Lidkea (photo)

Board Members

Karen Stiles, Bob Gill (photo), Linda Hogg, Paul Scambler (photo) Jan Addison, 

Rick Knoles, Maureen Garry, Gail Pierangeli


Julian Greenwood, Danielle Marcinek, Nina Horvath, Alex MacArthur, Braden Young