Bruce & Connie’s India Trip

To begin our trip to India, we stopped off in England for 10 days to visit our Oxfordshire cousins.  Having rented a car (see “my exposé of rental car scams below), we drove down to Cornwall to stay in their cottage in a spectacular village called Mevagissey, perched over the harbour for 6 days.

The photographs speak pretty much for themselves, but our days were filled with exploring Mevagissey harbour, walking around villages, visiting with other cousins next door and coastal walks.  On one of those walks, Bruce slipped in some mud and fell backwards giving himself a good whiplash.  For two hours he had no memory of where we were or how we got there.  At the time of the fall we were an hour into the hike with an hour left to go.  As we crossed a road, a car pulled over and offered us a ride.  Thus, we were delivered from the perils of rural Cornwall by our cousins!  On one of our countryside drives, we were entertained by pheasants running ahead of us.  The females got out of the way by ducking in the hedges, but the males continued to run in panic ahead of us.  They may for been more beautiful in their plumage – but a lot dumber than the females!!

  1. Point to ponder:  If the Scottish are “Scots” and the British are “Brits”, does that mean the Cornish are “Corns”?
  2. Conclusions:  Fishing villages rock!  –  My Grove Smith cousins are the best!

Back to Grove for 2 more nights with Colin and Barbara and then “off to the colonies” (India)!