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Welcome to the More family Website. In exploring its many pages, I encourage family members to first put themselves in context by locating their name on the genealogical chart below. This site is organized first with the More family and their More ancestors, then by Maternal lines: Wilcox, Belfry & Sherman the former being of particular significance and then our Ontario forebears, and lastly our European roots: Scottish (More/Muir) and English (Wilcox).

When our (great) grandfather: William Arthur More married Effie Wilcox  in 1904, they moved to Weyburn, Assinaboina (Saskatchewan) where their four children were born.  William was a salesman for the International Harvester (farm equipment) company. Tragically, in 1917, he died, leaving Effie and Frances-12, Annie-10, Bill (Daniel Wilcox)-9 and Ted-6.  The family lived for a short time in Estevan (where William was buried) and then moved to Salmon Arm, where Effie’s brother W.J. Wilcox (Uncle Will) had a large and prosperous fruit orchard.  

William and Effie had deep religious convictions and were strong members of the Methodist Church (although the More parents and grandparents were Presbyterian) .  Effie also had a deep devotion to her family.  Her feelings toward her faith and her family are expressed beautifully by the poem: “God Bless You”.  She gave copies of the poem to each of her children on special occasions.  (Clearly she was a major influence on Dad entering the ministry along with his Uncle Will, who supported a number of missionaries around the world.)

Annie, Bill & Frances in 1909 – Weyburn

Reunion just before dad’s death in 1971.








The Salmon Arm Years