England Relatives of Today






Wests and Smiths of today

Judging from photographs in my mom’s albums and Gramma’s & Grampa’s trip itinerary from 1937,  in the 40 years following the emigration to Canada, our parents main contacts were with Longs and Gramma’s sibling families: Bryants, Prowtings, Iresons and Long sisters.  The obvious exceptions were Grampa’s sisters and of course his mom and dad.  I have visited with the Prowtings north of London, the Bryant descendants at Stowford, Audrey Long near Bath and Enid Ireson in Didcot.  Today, however, most of our active connections are with the Wests, descendants of Grampa’s cousin Joseph at Garland’s Farm and the Smiths, descendants of William Aldworth, in additon to Collins, Pococks, Peplars and others.

Our cousins visit in October of 2012 included wonderful interactions with these families and also descendants of Gramma’s sister Alice: the Iresons.  Here are some mementos of that wonderful trip and the memorable family gatherings at Bridge Farm and with Mike and Ela at their home in Didcot.  We look forward to adding more to this section as result of our planned trip in October of 2015.